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TM Designs KTM Factory Edition 2 Rear Chain Guide

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Now updated to the 2013 TM Designs Chain Guide and Protection. Worth every penny. That is what our pro nduro riders say when talking about TM Designs. I will let them tell you all about their chain guide. This Chain guide has a 100% new PATENT PENDING design. 8 months of Testing, used and endorsed by Red Bull KTM off road race team. We absolutely have set a new standard with this KTM guide. The TMD custom plastic RMS (return memory) formula will not break like stock and new mechanical shape and design reinforces & adds support to the weak mounting brackets. Especially on rock face hits. Every component can now be individually replaced making this guide the ultimate long term investment.

* NOTE: "Now available in both Orange and Black" *

The past 5 years have proven our latest KTM chain guide plastic body easily gives your KTM years of racing service compared to stock or lower quality accessory applications.


- Replaceable wear pad is available in Production multipurpose and Composite long wear life versions.

- A little more money up front but what price is worth a DNF in today's costly racing environment.

- KTM chooses Designwork’s guide worldwide on their entire Factory off road-ISDE bikes.

- Top MX KTM factory teams like Red Bull Canada and other European countries have switch to our MX KTM version.

- This latest Multipurpose Version 2013 KTM guide is now over 40 grams lighter than stock, stronger, accepts any size O-ring chain, and accepts up to 3 over on the rear sprocket.

- Unique design supports and protects the OE mounting tabs and sprocket undercarriage.

- One year free replacement warranty against breaking on chain guide body in USA.

- The only chain guide with our raised POWERLIP inside the guide to lower chain plate flat-spotting, and keep the chain on center for zero drag and perfect HP transfer.

- Their exclusive plastic formula is 100% made in the USA and has our custom return memory on impact, oil impregnated for low surface drag, and UV so the color & plastic will not fade.

- No other product comes close to our proprietary Return impact memory and UV protected plastic formula.

- Both the USA and International Europeon Patent community have issued exclusive Patents for the innovation of our KTM Return memory plastic and mechanical design.

- USA Patent # D601, 465 and Europeon Patent 3 1009005.

- Don't get fooled by poor quality copies of stock or imitations.

You can count on TM Design and our factory race team feedback to constantly evolve and improve our exclusive mechanical and return memory plastic..