Scotts Top Triple Clamp and Damper KTM 950 Super Enduro 2009

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Shown here is the complete Triple clamp Sub mount kit for the 950SE. The kit includes a black anodized billet, 5-star rated Scotts triple clamp, Sub mounted Stabilizer, RSA style low vibration handlebar mounts, anodized frame bracket, hard chromed tower pin, key lock bracket, stem holding tool, all necessary hardware, Owner's manual and step by step pictured instructions. The kit includes a key adaptor that retains the stock key lock. This kit requires drilling out the stock security bolts in the key switch but we provide the procedure to accomplish this fairly easy operation. The triple clamp will raise the bars 10mm and move them forward 21mm for a more desired riding position. The stabilizer adds significantly to the performance of this bike. This photo does not show the newest style RSA rubber mount but depicts the exact same finished look.

The term SUB stands for Stabilizer Under Bars. We designed a Triple Clamp to accept the SUB mount putting the Stabilizer Under the Bars while still allowing access for on-the-fly adjustment. The beauty of this design is; you can take your stabilizer from one bike to another without having to buy another stabilizer. The stabilizer unbolts from the mounting components on all of our kits. In addition, our triple clamps received the highest 5-star rating from multiple leading National Magazines, including Dirt Rider and Motocross Action. This triple clamp kit is machined from a 6061 billet block of aluminum and then anodized to give your model that "Factory bike" look, while increasing performance in strength, stability, steering and adding clamping surface. Some off-road bikes have such large, awkward triple clamps that stabilizer installation and fuel tank options have become very difficult. The Scotts/BRP triple clamps are machined to be very attractive and extremely functional, eliminating the majority of problems associated with many after market triple clamps. We also make some triple clamps exclusively that cannot be found anywhere but at Scotts. The Sub Mount kit is designed to use 1 1/8" (28mm) oversize handlebars but can be converted back to standard 7/8" (22mm) diameter bars by using our optional bar reducers. The SUB Mount Triple clamp kit, in most cases, includes the Scotts/BRP Triple Clamp with matching anodized barclamp, Scotts steering stabilizer, linkarm, SUB mount frame bracket, all the necessary hardware, step by step pictured instructions and the Owners Manual. The SUB mount typically raises the position of the bars approximately 11-25mm, depending on the model, which may or may not be an advantage for your riding style. If you should need a different bend of Oversize handlebars, either higher or lower, they are available here online for ordering, at an additional charge. Use the product index and select Handlebars for a full menu of bar selections. The Photo you are looking at is a generic photo to show you the basic components in the kit, but may not be showing the exact kit for your specific bike. The bars in the picture are not included in the kit.

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