Scotts KTM 950 Super Enduro Top Triple Clamp and Damper

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    Scott's is one of the first companies to build a top triple clamp and sub-mount damper system for the new Super Enduro.

    The kit includes a billet Scott's triple clamp, Sub mount Stabilizer, handlebar mounts locating the bars approximately 25mm higher and 15mm forward from stock. This same kit is used by the factory KTMs in the Dakar Rallye and endorsed by Scot Harden and Jimmy Lewis, both multiple time Dakar riders.

    Includes a key adapter that retains the stock key lock, frame bracket, perches, stabilizer and all hardware including detailed, step by step, pictured instructions. This kit requires drilling out the stock security bolts in the key switch but we provide the procedure to accomplish this fairly easy operation.

    KTM 950 Super Enduro