KTM Hollow Brake Bleeder Screw 77013920100

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    Brake system bleeding as simple as possible. Change the original bleeder screw on the brake caliper, to this new bleeder screw with included holding valve. You just have to open the screw of the non return-valve a half turn and pump the brake fluid with the brake lever through the brake system. The holding valve avoids air from coming back into the System. You don't need to have a second person to pump or open and close the bleeder screw. Changing the brake fluid or bleeding the system is done in seconds. Comes with anodized mud cap.

    Fits all bikes **Please Note: This OEM part ships from our off-site KTM Warehouse. Though not common, every now and then our warehouse will sell out of a part before our system can mark it as unavailable on our site. If this is the case, someone from our team will call with an updated ETA within 12 hours of placing your order.**