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When it comes to our Twins bike builds, it's not always about more power or better aesthetic... Every bike could use an infusion of fresh blood from time to time, so we thought we would do a simple video documenting the oil change/service process.

Here's what you will need to get the job done:

Oil- Motorex Power Synt 4T 10W50 (2.8 Liters/3 Quarts)

Filter/Screens- Oil Filter Service Kit

Clean Up- Motorex Moto Clean

And these are the necessary steps:

-Remove oil filler plug.

-Remove oil drain plugs (2) with the magnets, O-rings, and oil screens.

-Take off oil filter cover/Pull oil filter out of the oil filter housing.

-Completely drain the engine oil.

-Thoroughly clean the parts and sealing surfaces.

-Insert the new oil filter.

-Reinstall oil filter cover/screws (6Nm).

-Thoroughly clean magnets and oil screens of the drain plugs.

-Mount the oil drain plugs (2) with new sealing rings (20Nm).

-Fill up with engine oil at the clutch cover (2.8 l).

-Mount and tighten filler plug.

-Start the engine and check that it is oil-tight.

-Check the engine oil level.

*We also recommend using gloves and an appropriate container to store/dispose of used oil.

When finished your motorcycle will be reinvigorated with fresh blood and ready for several thousand more miles of abuse, so get out of the garage and back on the Road to Dirt.

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Don Nichols
Don Nichols

June 18, 2020

Purchased a new 2020 ktm 790 adventure in Nov. 2019. 600 miles so far,all ok.

Rick Young
Rick Young

August 04, 2019

I haven’t reached the first service interval yet on my 790 Adventure S this is my 7th KTM so I’m quite familiar with the oil change procedure..my cruise control , heated grips & fuel tank covers are all on back order too..the heated grips apparently require a separate handlebar mounted switch which I think KTM should have integrated them into the L/H switch pack. I think the front suspension compression could have been improved upon, lots of buffeting from the windshield & problems shifting down from 5th to 4th gear….so far more issues than my previous 6 KTMs combined…hopefully things will improve but I still love the bike


July 22, 2019

Thanks for the video. I put my 790 Adventure (non R) in the shop for the 1,000 km (621 mi.) service today. Here is the laundry list of all that was wrong with the bike after 621 miles. The fuel gauge doesn’t work. Cold Start problem (I live in Florida where is rarely gets below 75). The rear wheel locks during panic stops even though ABS is turned on. A loud noise comes from the area around the swing arm and shock mount riding on rough roads. I ordered the factory cruise control for the bike and paid for it when I bought the bike. The parts are on back order until September! KTMTwins! Put some pressure on these vendors to crank some aftermarket parts out. I can’t even find a Givi tank lock ring so I can get my tank bag back! Parts are non existent. Please keep a pile of oil filters in stock as the video you provided gives me confidence to do my own oil changes after this first one. Thanks again!

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