KTM MX Fuel Cap Filter Screen 78107990100

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    Small particles like dirt, sand, and debris entering the fuel tank can result in a blockage in the fuel pump and eventually destroying or damaging the fuel injection nozzle beyond repair. This Fuel Filter Screen eliminates this problem by creating the fuel tank as a closed circuit, which makes it impossible for any sand, dirt or debris to enter the fuel system. The Fuel Filter Screen is fuel resistant and always stays secure in the fuel tank without any problem. This is a very simple solution to eliminate a big problem!


    With the introduction of fuel injection on MX bikes clean fuel has become critical. Many owners are experiencing loss of power and starting issues related to contaminated fuel. The contaminants gradually accumulate in the in tank filter and over time reduce flow to the point that it begins to effect performance.

    BTW- If you are running pump gas in your carbureted KTM, this is also a smart investment for the earlier models as the quality control on pump gas is really poor nowadays and you will not believe what you'll find in the filter! Over a short period of time, unfiltered fuel allows debris will collect in the sediment bowl of your carb and eventually begin to cause starting problems due to clogging of the pilot jet. In severe cases, the main jet can become plugged and the bike will not run at all. We highly recommend that you pull the sediment bowl every other oil change or at least twice per year to keep an eye on things as any debris in there could cause the bike to bog or stall at the most inopportune of times.......

    The fine micron mesh material used in the Split stream fuel filter will even filter out water, however you will need to pull the filter and shake it out after fueling, otherwise the vibration of the running bike will allow the water to pass through the filter.

    Finally, the dirt, like sand, dust, debris and other very small particles will clog up the Injector Nozzle as this part has very small 30-micron holes. (The Split stream Fuel Filter Mesh we use is 25 Micron!)