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Because sound matters!

WINGS is a brand you really need to know about while shopping for tasteful upgrades for your high-octane addictions.
You're shopping for the best to outfit your ride, right? WINGS slip-on silencers are carefully made with high-quality components to rival a popular top-tier KTM exhaust brand from Eastern Europe while being softer on the wallet. Don't be fooled by the affordable price, WINGS doesn't compromise. Their exhausts typically feature a titanium sleeve with a carbon fiber end tip. There's a ton of bang for your buck here. 
Here at Team Twins, we stand behind WINGS. We got in touch with the WINGS owner Gorazd Marovič to get the company background front and center. Read on to learn where this company comes from to touch so many riders.

 Tell us the name of your company, where you are located and how you got started?

WINGS silencers are created in our family workshop in the ancient Slovenian city of Ptuj.

Known as Poetovio in Roman times, the city has a history extending more than 2000 years.

It is located on the banks of river Drava, dominated by a castle and surrounded by vineyards and woods.

What motivated the start of the brand?

In the beginning, it was a hobby and passion. Over the years, this hobby has become a profession, but the passion is still the same as before and our customers will get a clear sense of that. The high level of craftsmanship, seen in a WINGS silencers is obvious. We pour our passion for bikes into our products. And of course, all of us are bikers.

1090 wings blackWINGS 1090 Adventure Slip-on - Black

What makes you different from competing brands?

Rather than focusing on sales numbers, we at WINGS concentrate on producing each silencer by hand, piece by piece, using only the best materials available. This ensures that customers will be satisfied with our product. Of course, we also use modern machinery and techniques in the production of our components - CAD driven CNC manufacturing centers, laser cutters and plasma welding - but the human touch is still the most important.

We are in close contact with customers and open to suggestions. You can reach us by e-mail anytime. Your comments and remarks are always welcome and are taken into consideration. We continuously improve our products by incorporating that what you want and expect into our design and production.

990 SMRWINGS 990 SMR Slip-on

What is the main goal or what are you trying to solve when designing exhaust silencers?

The design of WINGS silencers is focused on KTM characteristic lines and shapes. The result of implementation of this principle shows on the final product.

Anyone familiar with our slogan "Because sound matters!" will realize that this is an area which we take particularly seriously. We don’t shrink from the effort of experimenting over and over again to find the perfect sound. Exclusive to WINGS is an inner tube with rhomboidal holes instead of the commonly used round ones. We have also improved the hybrid damping wool composition - the most advanced on the market - through a process of research and on-going testing.

WINGS turns noise into sound by filtering out unpleasant high frequencies so that only deep tones can be heard. Only WINGS include two different sizes of dB-killers (one louder and one quieter).

dB killers

Silencers are supplied with large dB-killers already installed. Smaller (quieter) dB-killers are added gratis in the box. For the US and Canadian market, dB-killers have integrated spark-arrestors.

With WINGS silencers you get it all - improved low-end torque, a significant weight reduction (up to 65%), much lower silencer surface temperature and an awesome sound.

WINGS silencers are available in titanium because of the outstanding characteristics of the metal - lightness, resistance to corrosion, resistance to mechanical influences and durability. For the end-caps, we chose carbon fiber because of its extremely low weight and excellent ability to take any shape.

A quick aside to re-iterate.
  • Each WINGS slip-on comes with a dB-killer pre-installed AND they include an extra with a spark arrestor! 
  • HUGE weight-savings (Thus increased power-to-weight!)
  • Cooler temperatures (Felt a 690 Enduro stock can? It can melt things.)

What are some challenges you have faced as a company specific to your product/industry?

A muffler as a whole is a sum of details, therefore, each and every detail is important.

For example, the premium damping wool we use exclusively is 3 times more expensive than the standard wool used by most of our competitors. Despite it is hidden inside the muffler we rather use higher quality component than make more profit. In the end, the customer will notice that.

The same story with the rivets. There is a huge price difference between standard rivets and our special gas-tight stainless steel rivets but we continue using them because of their characteristics. Besides that, with their look, they contribute to high quality impression you get when you see the WINGS silencer. We could use standard steel washers which would serve the purpose just fine but we prefer a premium look of CNC machined ones, made of aluminum and anodized.

Also because standard clamps haven't met our requirements we decided to make our own clamps. By looking at the pictures you will get the clear sense of what I'm talking about.

690 Enduro packageWINGS 690 Enduro/SMC Slip-on

WINGS has long found traction with KTM riders. They prove to stay on top of changes with proper development, design, and manufacture. Point in fact - WINGS had their slip-on for the 790 Duke before the bike had even arrived in the US! AND they worked alongside Coober ECU to bring real performance gains to the table. Check that out here! 

790 Duke

While we're patiently (read:foaming at the mouth) waiting for the 790 Adventure R to drop in the US, you can be sure WINGS has something in development for it too. Keep your eyes peeled!

If youstill haven't checked them out yet, do it now!

6 Responses

Stanley Chan
Stanley Chan

July 21, 2019

I ordered the 2019 version for my 690 SMCR, and it comes with 2 db killers, small and large.

Joe Delumen
Joe Delumen

May 09, 2019

Installed a ‘Wings’ exhaust and Bodis mid-pipe in 2014, when my 1290 SD R first came out. Must be half the weight, looks good and sounds awesome. All these years and miles later it still kicks @ss! I didn’t pick it because of price, I picked it because I thought it was as good as it gets. But now that you mention it, it was quite a bit less than that other brand that starts with A-K-R…

Garry Chippindall
Garry Chippindall

May 07, 2019

I have a 690 enduro r. It has a set of twin wings exhaust pipes which are the same as stock pipes also twins but heaveyier,quieter and not as much power..I thought l would go with 1 pipe and muffler,but it seemed to loose power. This surprised me as I had free flowed all joints. I have not seen any other2008–09 with single or twin pipes.
My question is ,is this twin set up a better option than a single muffler set up? And is this a standard set up .

Shaun Riedinger
Shaun Riedinger

May 01, 2019

The FYI- The 2019 versions for the 690R now only come with a one installed DB killer- The "quiet’ unit from previous years is no longer included.


April 23, 2019

I have one of these on my 690. It’s great.

Raymond Winney
Raymond Winney

April 23, 2019

Do you sell the the repacking insulation and rivets. I have over 20K miles on my wings, still sounds awesome, so any information from manufacturer pertaining to the silencer maintenance would be appreciated.

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