Samco High Silicone Coolant Hose Kit KTM 1190 RC8 2008-2010

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Samco radiator hoses are absolutely unparalleled in quality and performance. Carrying a rock solid guarantee for life, rest assured that these hoses won't leave you stranded in the desert or on the side of the road. With a lustrous KTM orange finish, they match the bikes absolutely perfectly and add a great looking accent as a bonus. Samco lines are trusted in Formula 1, Moto GP, and hundreds of other top tier motorsports so you know you are in good hands. Every line is visually inspected one by one before they leave the factory.

Make sure to add a Samco clamp kit as well if you do not have your own plans of securing the hoses. A matching kit consists of all the necessary 'non marring' stainless steel hose clamps for your specific kit and can be tightened with any standard screwdriver. No special crimping pliers needed. Please make sure to match the same hose clamp kit to your chosen hose kit.

  • 'OEM' indicates that the kit is an exact duplicate to stock.
  • 'Y' Piece indicates that a plastic 'Y' connector in the stock hose configuration has been eliminated and is now one piece and 3 less clamps. (Some models, see choices below)
  • 'Thermo Bypass' indicates that the thermostat has been removed. This is usually for racing purposes and only means that it takes a little longer to warm the bike up. (Some models, see choices below)
  • 'Solar Camo' indicates the color swatch on the hose. These are special order from Samco and we try and have at least 1 or 2 sets on hand.

A short personal story by our owner: For a time on my 2012 990 Adventure R I was finding small black soft particles in my overflow tank. I found out the hard way what that was when one of the inner stock radiator lines completely unzipped and puked out the total contents of my coolant. The stock lines were disintegrating from the inside out but you could not see it from the outside. Luckily it was in the parking lot of a local mountain bike shop and I was able to truck the bike home. If this was in the middle of Baja, my day (or more) would have definitely turned pretty ugly. I now run Samco radiator hoses on all of my personal KTM motorcycles and have the confidence that my bikes are solid in that regard. I highly recommend these lines. I will admit that they are a bit of a pain to install, but in comparison to being stuck with a ruined trip, they are a piece of cake and the confidence that I feel when riding is well worth it.

  • KTM 1190 RC8 2008-2010