Seat Concepts Sport-Touring Foam & Cover Kit KTM 390 Adventure 2020-2022

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Note: Available as a Foam & Cover Kit *this is not a complete seat*

Height: 1/2" Taller than OEM seat.

Width: 13.5"

The 390 Adventure Sport-Touring seat has been built up at the front to counteract the natural forward slope of the OEM seat along with a slimmer profile allowing for a more relaxed feel.

  • KTM 390 Adventure 2020-2022


Q: Can I install a Seat Concepts foam and cover kit myself?

A: Yes! Seat Concepts kits are made to be do-it-yourself kits and are fairly easy to install. There are several quality install videos on the Seat Concepts YouTube channel, and the seat kit comes with great instructions. Seat Concepts highly recommends purchasing this staple gun from Harbor Freight's Wide Crown pneumatic stapler. (Item number 68029) Seat Concepts recommends T-50 stainless steel staples that do not exceed ¼”. Our fit is very specific, if you have any fitment questions or difficulty, please contact Seat Concepts immediately. Seat Concepts is not liable for any damage that is caused by self-installation. This process is at your own risk.

Q: Should I take my seat to a local upholstery Shop?

A: Seat Concepts has had lots of customers take our kits to local upholstery shops, and most of the time they can complete the installation easily and correctly. The important question to ask any upholsterer is "have you installed motorcycle seats before?" If their answer is anything other than yes, or they start talking about altering our kit in any way, they are not the right people for the job. Please note that Seat Concepts takes no responsibility for the quality of services of third-party installers.



This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California known to cause Cancer or birth defects and reproductive harm. For more information go to: https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65

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