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Here in North America, we are anxiously awaiting the all-new 790 Adventure & 790 Adventure R. To help keep us occupied until "The Lancet" reaches our shores we've assembled this list of parts that are already in stock and ready to ship.

For starters here are some protective bits to keep your 790 looking factory fresh!

KTM Power Parts Ignition Cover Protection

The Powerparts ignition cover protector not only looks dope but also protect the engine cover from damage.

  • CNC-machined aluminum protector with orange anodized surface
  • Base support made from black powder coated steel
  • Specifically adapted to the shape of the engine cover


KTM Power Parts Rear Slide Pads

These ingenious little pucks can pay dividends in dirt or on pavement should your 790 get sleepy and feel the need to lay down!

KTM Power Parts Clutch Cover Protection

Much like the PP Ignition Cover Protection, this piece is a prime example of form following function. 

  • CNC-machined aluminum protector with orange anodized surface
  • Base support made from black powder coated steel
  • Specifically adapted to the shape of the engine cover


KTM Aluminum Handguards

Heavy duty aluminum backed handguards to protect your digits and levers!

These are the very same handguards that were used by the Ultimate Race competitors riding 790's in the Merzouga Rally.  

KTM Power Parts Front Slide Pads

Just like the Rear Slide Pads, these ingenious little pucks can pay dividends in dirt or on pavement should your 790 get sleepy and feel the need to lay down!

Once you've got your new 790 protected its time to start thinking about traveling and getting it ready for adventure! The following are products to help you (and your new 790) prepare for the road or trail ahead.

Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprocket

The Supersprox Stealth Sprocket has steel teeth and an aluminum center, with both sections permanently joined by high strength rivets. These sprockets last up to three times longer than any other aluminum sprocket while weighing half as much as a normal steel sprocket. If you are looking for the ultimate in quality and performance for your new 790, this sprocket will meet your demand.

KTM Rally Footpegs 

If you plan on spending any significant amount of time on your 790's footpegs, these are an essential upgrade! Nearly twice the size of stock with more aggressive tread for when things get rough.


  • Enlarged tread surface area
  • Greater control/safety
  • Fatigue-free riding standing up

Rally Footpegs Comfort Inserts

If you're looking to reduce vibration and road feedback, pick up a set of these KTM Comfort Inserts as well for the ultimate combo. Your body will thank you after those long days in the saddle!

KTM IBracket iPhone Mount

The iBracket is the perfect solution for attaching your smartphone quickly and securely to your new 790!

  • Intelligent 3D closure with one-handed operation
  • CNC laser-cut and shaped stainless steel components
  • Tailor-made precision closure contour
  • Plastic corners with UV light-resistant silicone rings
  • Rotatable by 90°The iBracket can be fitted on all our GPS bracket mounts, and it takes only a few minutes

*Also available for Galaxy phones


KTM Rear Luggage Rack

This lightweight and extra wide rear luggage rack is perfect for attaching a large roll-top duffel or any other dunnage. It is the ideal solution for any new 790 to allow for hauling whatever you might need for your adventures abroad or just around town.  

*Can not be used for mounting a top case.

*Top case Carrier must be used in conjunction with this plate to work.


 KTM Waterproof Duffel

Completely waterproof and flexible in size! This 38L duffel is the ideal solution for all those wanting to go on any adventures! Perfectly pairs with KTM Rear Luggage Rack and a set of our KTM Twins Sinch Straps. 

KTM Aluminum Adventure Cases

45L Left Side Case / 31L Right Side Case

Robust and elegant aluminum cases, perfect for daily rides and back road adventures on your new 790!

  • Body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum
  • Designed for extreme use
  • Completely waterproof and warp-resistant
  • Completely clearance-free seat, even after thousands of miles ridden
  • Quick assembly
  • Tried-and-tested high quality, lockable stainless steel fittings
  • Built-in locks (not included in delivery) can be retrofitted without the need for drills or files

Now that your coveted 790 is well equipped with practical accessories & ready for adventure there's only one thing left to do... Put some orange bling on it! C'mon, just because she likes to get dirty doesn't mean she doesn't like jewelry.

KTM Factory Oil Filter Cover

This high-quality aluminum CNC component features a superior abrasion-resistant eloxal coating and makes a bold visual statement.


KTM Factory Ignition Cover

It's Billet Aluminum construction trumps the plastic Ignition Plug that comes stock. Not that you will be putting it through its paces or anything but when you love your bike, you LOVE your bike, and you might as well spoil it.

Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover (Front)

Why not add this high-quality aluminum CNC brake reservoir cover, it's right in your line of sight every time you ride, and it features a superior abrasion-resistant eloxal coating?

Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover (Rear)

Certainly a bold visual statement capable of making the back end of you 790 pop!

Finally, why not protect your investment from theft? Insurance is great and all, but how about you avoid getting your shiny new 790 stolen all together!

KTM Alarm System

Protect your motorcycle with the plug and play KTM PowerParts alarm system.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Plug & play system
  • Wiring harness ready for fitting
  • Fail-safe, dual-circuit immobilizer
  • Integrated microchip motion sensor
  • Storage compartment under seat protected additionally with a reed switch
  • Two watertight, anti-scan radio transmitters with rolling code

KTM Radial RoadLok 

The patented technology powering each KTM Radial RoadLok Anti-Theft Kit provides 100% safe anti-theft locking security due to the system's permanently-mounted lock body which literally becomes a part of the vehicle's frame. The frame-mounted solution eliminates movement completely while the system is engaged the very movement which makes disc locks, padlocks, and chains so very dangerous if the rider forgets to remove those devices before attempting to ride off. Additionally, the removable Brake-Bolt pin, which keeps the bike locked right where the rider parks the vehicle, guarantees that the system will never accidentally lock while the rider is operating the vehicle.


Stay tuned for upcoming posts covering aftermarket 790 parts that we will have in stock shortly as well as additional Power Parts!

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