KTM 950 990 1190 Adventure Must Have Accessories

Here are a few inexpensive items that should grace every KTM 950 /990 Adventure motorcycle.

KTM Folding Mirrors

OEM Quality but with adjustable arms which allow the rider to fold them in and out of the way when on the trail eliminating the worry of breaking your expensive mirror in a tip over. At just $5.00 over the stock OEM mirror you can’t go wrong. For our International customers  we can ship you Touratech’s Folding Universal Mirror.

KTM Brake Master Cylinder Mirror Mount

Top item in our lineup and for good reason. This clamp replaces the bar mount on the 950/990 Adventure and allows you to move the right side mirror from the Brake Master Cylinder to the actual clamping piece. This will eliminate the worry of breaking your very expensive Brake Assembly in the event of a fall when your mirror breaks off. At just $12.95 it is a no brainer. Don’t be that guy who has to spend $269.95 for a new Master Cylinder when we figured this out for you.

G2 Thottle Tamer and Throttle System

All billet aluminum throttle tube with interchangeable cams which allows the rider to adjust the throttle delivery for any type of riding condition. The Tamer includes the 400 cam which has been proven over years of testing to tame the glitchiness the KTM Fuel Injection is known for from dead throttle to ¼ turn throttle. The Cam System includes the 400 cam, as well as two other cams which gives you adjustability in different riding conditions. For those who like to play around with their throttle delivery this system is for you. All kits come with Delrin inserts which allows the tube to twist smoothly on the handlebar giving you positive throttle response.

KTMTwins.com Billet 3 O-Ring Slave Cylinder

The stock slave cylinder is a cast unit that utilizes 1 O-Ring which is known to fail. When that happens you are stuck wherever you may be. Our all Billet Aluminum Slave Cylinder utilizes 3 o-rings which keeps the piston running true. Running true in the housing eliminates the possibility of it twisting or turning causing your piston to bind, and thus fail. The Billet Housing is built with tighter tolerances with no possible imperfections to prematurely wear your o-ring down and cause that to fail. For fun we offer the standard version, as well as a Numbered Series Special Edition model. This is a must have!

KTM European Headlight and PIAA H7 & PIAA H3 Bulbs

This post isn’t about the ultimate lighting for the KTM Adventure, it is about the essentials for the bike. The stock US-market headlight is inadequate at best. It is almost to the point of being dangerous to ride with. I should know. I contribute it along, with other unrelated bike issues for a crash that happen to me a while ago. The European Headlight takes the brunt of work off a single bulb and splits it into two. The Headlight unit alone gives you about 25% better lighting than the US but when partnered up with PIAA’s H7 & H3 bulbs you increase that to the point where it should be from day one.

KTM Frame Guards

A kit that was originally built and offered right here at KTMTwins.com. Now a recognized kit offered up by KTM in their Hard Parts Kit. That should tell you something. This isn’t going to save you from a crash and it isn’t going to win the product of the year award, but what it is going to do is save the bike from looking like it’s 50 years old when it’s 10. Botox if you will. This keeps your boots from wearing down the paint right above the footpegs and keeps your baby looking fresh and new. At only $29.95 it’s a great stocking stuffer or gift for your favorite rider.

KTM Base Stand Large

The KTM 950/990 Adventure is a great bike, and we will argue that it’s the best Adventure Touring motorcycle on the planet. The main reason for our opinion is because the bike feels light and nimble when you are at speed. Amazing job KTM. But lets face it, the bike is big. It’s big when you’re pushing it and it’s big when you’re trying to park it on unstable ground. This is why we highly recommend the KTM Base Stand Large otherwise known as the mother of all KTM kickstand feet. This inexpensive item increases the surface area at the end of your kickstand allowing the kickstand to establishing good footing when on dirt and gravel. We know what the dollar signs are when someone calls in to replace items on one side of the bike. Don’t be that guy!

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