Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch KTM RC8 2008-2014

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The function of the slipper clutch is to reduce the pressure on the clutch pack when the engine is in the process of turning the engine. In the case of road racing type slipper clutches, there is no effect on clutch engagement when the engine is in the process of driving the real wheel. During the process of slowing for a turn (Engine Braking) the action of the torque forces the ramps together; the ramps then proceed to ride up on each other, an action which lifts the splined part of the hub off the base.

You will definitely not regret having a slipper clutch if you happen to be a very aggressive street rider or track rider. It is well worth the money on many levels. It costs slightly more than a slip-on-pipe, so it is advisable to save some money by not getting a pipe and instead investing the same for a slip clutch. The ride will be faster, smoother, safer, and with more control. Change in the spring leads to changes in the slip rate. There is less engine-braking from softer springs and more engine-braking from stiffer springs.

The difference in the performance was staggering — transformative. With the slipper clutch in place, engine braking is at a minimum and the ride has now become extremely smooth. The suspension has also turned smoother and is ready for every corner entry. During corner entries and even while descending, the suspension remains smooth and undisturbed; the ride feel is almost like glass.

  • KTM RC8 2008-2014