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Trail Tech KTM Voyager MX GPS Enduro Computer

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Trailtech's KTM Voyager series Enduro | GPS Computers provides you more features then a stand alone GPS unit at a fraction of the cost. It just makes sense to have a smaller more adaptable unit specialized for motorcyclists. You can go a head and get that set of supermoto wheels now that you've saved so much money. Here's some of the features that come in the Voyager.

- New Voyager Software Update Available Right Here! -

NEW FOR 2014: Trailtech's Ride Leader GPS Trail File Editor is a free for Downloading. Download and have fun!

** Included: Computer, Mounting Hardware, Wheel Sensor, Magnet Kit, Temperature Sensor **

Thermostat Replacement Sensor (Required on 2012-2013 450/500 XC-W/EXC-F models for temp sensor installation)

GPS Speed, Distance, Compass, Altitude, Temperature, Maps View, Organize, Edit and Share Entire Trail Systems in 3D

Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Off-Road Riders

240x400 WQVGA LCD - Readable in Intense Sunlight

Engine Performance linked to GPS

Data Crash Resistant,

Off-Road Design Upload Routes from any GPS

Customizable User Screens

Model-Specific Integration Accurate Tracks, Even in the Toughest Terrain

Runs on Vehicle Power (or internal battery)

Back-lit for Operation in the Dark

You can use Voyager handheld without any sensors connected. However, physically bolting Voyager to your vehicle provides many advantages over what you are used to in a standard GPS. GPX (GPS Exchange Format) files are the main format that Voyager uses.

Import and export GPX files directly from Voyager using the accessible waterproof MicroSD memory card slot. Download new GPX trails directly from and ride new areas with confidence. GPX also works well with Google Earth,, the Trail Tech's GPX Editor software and many other resources.

Voyager provides a better means of collecting, displaying and sharing up-to-date OHV trail information. Routes may be imported into Voyager from standard GPX files, or exported for later review and sharing.

Using Voyager's trail-centric approach, riders can enjoy a superior experience using up-to-date trail maps. You can find up-to-date trail information at Trail Tech's OHV map website: You can have up to 300 way-points.

You can also have 1 track with 72,500 points You can also have 1 route with 72,500 points (or up to 300 routes with 241 points, or some hybrid.

You can run Voyager by connecting directly to the stator.

Voyager features a high-end polymer lens that is near impervious to chemical attack. It cannot be damaged by common cleaning chemicals or gasoline. In addition, it has a hard transparent ceramic coating, that allows wiping of abrasive dirt from the screen without causing scratches. The surrounding case parts also have a very high end chemical resistant polymer. Voyager is warranted against chemical attack if a mild detergent such as Dawn dish-washing detergent or at most Purple Power degreasing cleaner is used.