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Rottweiler Performance Fueling Dongle KTM 690 Duke/End/SMCR/Husky 701

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The Rottweiler Performance 'Fueling Dongles' are an effective and simple method to improving the fueling mixture of any fuel injected KTM by allowing the stock ECU to deliver a proper mixture at low to mid RPMs. By replacing the stock narrow band O2 plugs with these simple to install dongles, the Rottweiler Fueling Dongles feed the stock ECU a pre set signal that substantially smooths out the lower end power delivery reducing the jerky transition between the extremely lean low RPM mapping and the open loop upper end mapping. Overall average air fuel ratios also tend to richen up by about .5 to 1 point as well allowing the user an inexpensive option to 'bump up' the richness of their fuel delivery if the cost of a Powercommander is not currently an option for them. 

How do they work? 

It's actually quite simple. The stock ECU is set to lean out the fuel delivery to a very lean 14.7 air fuel ratio (AFR) under 5500 RPM and 20% throttle. Once the engine has reached a sufficient warm up the ECU 'listens' to the stock narrow band O2 sensors and looks for a particular signal to keep the bike in that lean condition. This causes heat issues from extremely hot header pipes, makes the motorcycle jerky at low RPMs and reduces power. The Rottweiler Fueling Dongles send a return signal to the stock ECU that keeps the low end fueling at a much better running 13.8 +/-. A mixture that translates into an overall better running motorcycle.

Note: When running our Rottweiler Fueling Dongles, you have the option to remove your stock O2 sensor from the exhaust header. 

Notes, Suggestions or Precautions:

Rottweiler Fueling Dongles work very much the same as the 'O2 Eliminators' that typically come with Power Commander piggy back ECUs. You do not need these dongles if you are also purchasing a Power Commander. Tests have shown that average AFRs (air fuel ratios) richen up almost a full point when using the Rottweiler Fueling Dongles. 690/701 Models use one Dongle and 990-1290 Models use Two Dongles. One for each cylinder and plug into the electrical harness replacing the stock O2s.


  • KTM 690 Duke (All)
  • KTM 690 Enduro / SMC-R 2008-2019
  • Husky 701 Enduro / SM (All)



This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California known to cause Cancer or birth defects and reproductive harm. For more information go to: https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65

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    A KTM Twins Customer
    Brendon L.
    United States United States

    Does what it says

    Greg W.
    United States United States
    Bottom end!

    Getting the 02sensor cycle out of the loop makes low rpm tactical riding what it should be on a big bore four stroke! Smooth bottom end power.

    KTM Twins Rottweiler Performance Fueling Dongle KTM 690 Duke/End/SMCR/Husky 701 Review
    rick s.
    working as discribed

    seems to be doing its job i did notice that on a completly stock bike it does seem to run rich but i plan on removing the cat under the engine as this is one restriction that will cause this issue as well as the air box anyhow im very happy with the product and quick shipping

    Mike R.
    Big improvement

    It took me all of 5 minutes to install on my duke. I took a ride and immediately noticed the difference. Much smoother throttle in the lower rpms. If you're looking to make a difference without forking out the cost of the power commander, then I highly recommend this dongle.

    Randy F.
    United States
    This really works!!

    This is a easy fix,takes a lot of the hesitation/jerking at low rpm out of the Husky 701 !

    KTM Twins Rottweiler Performance Fueling Dongle KTM 690 Duke/End/SMCR/Husky 701 Review

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