Rigid Industries KTM T6 LED D2 Light Kit

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These are some of the brightest little lights we have come across in years and they really pack a big punch. They are the latest in LED Technology and should be considered if you are ever planning on being in the middle of nowhere anytime soon. Producing over 2600 Lumens and only drawing 38 Watts of power from your system so you won't weigh down your bikes charging system and leaves room for other items you may want to plug in. With Temperature sensing technology, the light will regulate between 80-100% power to prevent damage and keep the LED optimized for the environmental conditions. With no airflow the temperature sensors will automatically dim the light roughly 10% though this is virtually imperceptible to the eye. This temp sensing circuitry was developed to help protect the your investment.

Understanding Output Options

Drive Beam

Great all around beam that gives you far reaching visibility

Wide Beam

Great beam for night time twisty riding. It throws a beam that's wide enough allowing you to visually pick up the road while leaned over. Not as universally beneficial as the Drive Beam but better than its competition in the wide beam category.

Universal kit with all the attachments needed to fit on multiple size crash bars

  • 28 Watts
  • 1.9 Amp Draw
  • 6 LED's
  • 2600 Lumens
  • 400 Lux @ 10m