Renthal KTM 125-530 690 950 990 1190 Fatbars

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There are nicer bars out there but none of them matches Renthal's Fatbar when it comes to the overall package of available Bends, Colors, and Toughness. Renthal makes a great product and the Fatbar is one to benchmark off. The stock bars KTM puts on their LC8s and 690s are horrendous. They have way to much sweep "the angle in which the bars bend back towards the rider". Too much sweep naturally puts your elbows below the point in which the rider has ultimate control over the motorcycle. Motocross guys know about this because it is drilled into your riding style from a early age. It takes a bit to get used to. A set of Renthal Fatbars will help that as well because almost every bend they offer was originally designed for motocross which means they all have less sweep then the stock units. All of these bars have a 1 1/8 diameter tube which tapers down to a 7/8" tube at the ends of the bars. These are standard measurements for oversized bars. All 7/8 grips will work with Renthals and all stock handlebar mounts in KTM's lineup will allow the mounting of Renthals.