Oxford KTM Sport Heated Grips OXF.OF692Z

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With 5 Power Settings "100%, 75%, 50%, 40%, 30%" and LED heat reference controller you will have a perfect setting no matter how cold it gets. This kit comes with everything you need to install on your bike and take that trip to grandma's house in the snow. There's even a Battery Safe Mode which will save your battery in the event you forget to turn the grips off when getting off the bike. Best part about this kit is we can ship this anywhere in the world!. The Touring Edition shares all the same attributes as the Adventure and Sport except for the texturing of the grips and the dimensions. The Sport model sports the a mid size grip length that works well on all sport bikes running clip-ons. The Sport Model has the most aggressive texturing of the three versions and is our choice for aggressive offroad adventure riding. We ask that you measure your existing set up and use the referenced information on each model to choose the one that works best for you.

Universal Kit Fits All Bikes


  • 4.84" Long Trimmable to 4.48" Depending on Your Needs
  • Grips are Open Ended Allowing the their use with Handguards
  • Current Drain: 3.6 Amps per Kit
  • International Shipping Friendly!
  • This item will not work with the Kaoko Throttle Lock