Ohlins KTM RC8 TTX36 Shock

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    This is by far the best money spent on a sport or race bike. Ohlins doesn't need to sell you on their components just look at what is being run on all MotoGP and almost every other race bike on the track. Regardless of club or professional racing everyone who has installed Ohlins Suspension on their motorcycle tend to purchase Ohlins for every bike they own from that point going forward.

    Every part is of exacting tolerances; every part is replaceable and with custom tuning when purchased you will get a shock set up for you. When you order your shock we will email you with important questions that we will need answered in order to get the proper spring rate and valving before we order the item. This will insure you get a shock that is as close as possible to the type of riding or racing you do.

  • Twin tube design
  • 36mm solid piston
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Better tyre feedback
  • More traction

  • Fits all RC8