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Full Spectrum KTM Lithium Replacement P1 / P2 Battery

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    Full Spectrum's Pulse 2 Battery is currently being used by many RC8 and RC8R club racers with great success. Imagine having a smaller battery that you can store pretty much anywhere you want on the bike at the same time reducing the weight by an average of 7 pounds. Imagine cranking power that is higher then the stock battery that is sitting in your bike right now. We have even added the PP1 Battery to this list if you are looking for Factory KTM Version they use in the 450/525 EXC's.

    The only battery company in the powersports market that uses real, Certified Cells from A123 Systems. These are the finest cells on the planet!

    Features a high-temp ABS case and integrated terminals - no soldering or auxiliary harness needed. Bolt it up and go!

    Capabilities: 240 amp discharge (this is similar to CCA for lead acid batteries); 4.6 amp hour capacity
    Dimensions: 120mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 95mm (H); 720 grams
    Weight: 1.6 pounds "700 grams"

    -Stock LC8 YTZ14S stats "230 amp discharge"
    -Weight 8.6 pounds
    -Stock 690 YTZ10S stats "190 amp discharge"
    -Weight 7 pounds