Fastway Sub-Mount Stabilizer Kit KTM 950 Super Enduro 2006-2008

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Fastway's KTM 950 Super Enduro Adjust-ability On Demand Steering Stabilizer is the only stabilizer on the market that gives riders the freedom of five, easy to adjust circuits. These five adjustments allow you to fine-tune the steering on your bike or quad to fit your riding style or terrain. The Low and High-speed circuits are at your fingertips and adjustable on the fly. Their stabilizers reduce impact over choppy terrain; control high-speed head shake, and reduce arm pump and rider fatigue. Kit comes with everything you need to mount a full stabilizer kit on the KTM 950 Super Enduro. The kit mounts the stabilizer below the bars but does not incorporate any of the handlebar clamps into the mount. The stabilizer perch and the mount for the post both mount directly into threaded holes on the frame and OEM triple clamp.

Low Speed Adjustment: (System 3 & 5) Controls the resistance level when turning the handlebars at low speeds - such as when cornering or making corrections when going straight.

High Speed Adjustment: (System 3 & 5) Controls the dampers response to high-speed impacts such as roots, rocks, ruts, and hard hits. Lowers the force of hard impacts that are transmitted to the rider, and helps reduce rider fatigue.

Return To Center: (System 3 & 5) Controls the resistance level of the handlebar when returning to the center position from either side - resulting in more control over the vehicles ability to hold its line.

Cornering Angle: (System 5 Only) Controls the angle of the transition between the "center" damping stage and the "cornering" damping stage. Four positions are available on both the left and right sides.

Corner Dampening Level: (System 5 Only) Allows reduction of the resistance level for the "cornering" stage, giving the rider full control over how the vehicle responds when turning.

  • KTM 950 Super Enduro 2006-2008