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Why Flexx Handlebars?

The Flexx Handlebar absorbs shock and vibration that are transferred to your body, allowing you to ride longer, at a faster pace with more control.

Simply put, you will have better racing results, a better time riding, and longer rides due to the reduction in fatigue. Think of these bars the way you thought about your Steering Damper Purchase. It may be hard to comprehend or hard for you to justify these to your wife, but if you think of them in the same way as that steering damper you purchased and how much better and safer you are now that you have it. Then you will better comprehend the difference this new technology will give you. Their technology doesn't happen by accident. It's has been honed, shaped, reviewed, tested, and re-tested with the goal of more control with less abuse always in mind. They've eliminated maintenance, decreased friction and further reduced vibration to offer you an exceptional ownership experience that will allow you a better day of riding. Below you will see just a brief glimpse into some of the reviews that the Flexx Bars have received.

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Bend Information:

The first decision you will want to make is the bend. This determines how high your bars will be, how wide they will be and how aggressive the angle "Sweep" is pertaining to the ends of handlebars in relation to an imaginary straight line drawn through the handlebar mounts. Sweep and height are the two main reasons why people want to change their bars. It is a personal thing so we can't tell you what you want we can only educate you and try to provide as much information as possible to help you along the way.

There are a couple bends that mimic the stock KTM 950/990 Adventure and some variances as well as some bends that mimic the EXC, SX and so on. Those are good starting points.

Base Dimensions to reference off are the OEM Bars that come on the Adventure and most other LC8 Machines.

- 116 mm (4.50 inches) High, 813 mm (22 inches) Wide, 80mm (3.15 inches) Sweep or "Pull Back."


- Dramatically reduces vibration

- The aluminum (material of the handlebar) to rubber (elastomer) interference dampers the vibrations commonly felt at your hands.

- Less arm pump fatigue

- The absorbing action of the Flexx Handlebar results in less abuse transferred to the rider, greatly reducing arm pump and fatigue.

- Tunable to your needs

- Elastomers (available in four densities) absorb the abuse typically transferred to your upper body.

- Component ready.

- Numerous accessories available from handguard mounts, rebound elastomer kits and more available in our store

- What's in the box

- Silver handlebar pad.

- Four sets of compression elastomers and 1 set of rebound elastomers.

- Additional elastomers are available at an additional cost.