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Fasst Company Adjustable 6.8mm Spoke Wrench

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Fasstco's Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench is complete with the great American Made quality you have come to expect from Fasst Company’s Original Spoke Torque Wrench with the addition of adjustability. The wrench is adjustable from 20-60 in. lbs.; select your own torque or use our recommendation. Simply turn the barrel to your desired torque. Tighten the spoke until you hear and feel a click, ensuring the correct amount of tension providing you an even pull over your entire wheel for exceptional strength. The Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench takes all the guesswork out of wheel and spoke maintenance allowing you to care for your wheels like a factory mechanic.

Their Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench is a precision instrument delivered to you in a plastic blow molded box with foam inserts to accommodate twelve heads.

Like Fasst Company’s Original Spoke Torque Wrench, Fasstco's Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench and Heads also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


- This kit comes with their 6.8mm Head which is used on all full framed KTM's

- Eliminates the guesswork of wheel and spoke maintenance.

- Provides proper technique

- Provides an even pull throughout the wheel for maximum strength.

- Adjustable and versatile

- Adjusts from 20 to 60-foot pounds and torques in both directions.

- Premium quality + warranty

- Produced out of drawn-over-mandrel tubing with precision machined, heat-treated tool steel internals for accuracy.

- Lifetime Warranty on the Spoke Torque Wrench & Head.

- Lifetime Warranty on materials and craftsmanship. Misuse, modification, abuse, or neglect will not be just cause for warranty.

  • This is a universal product and may fit all bikes.