DID 525 VX "Rivet Style" Masterlink

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We've been doing this a long time, and we've seen all the tricks. E6000, safety wire, etc. This is the only way to keep that chain out of the engine cases. Priced a set of those lately?


  • Available in Gold (G&B) and Black (unplated steel)
  • Greater rigidity (7% higher than previous VM)
  • Higher rigidity creates smoother handling, reduced power loss and quicker response
  • Highest value in all D.I.D series
  • D.I.D X-Ring has half the friction compared to O-Ring chain
  • Superior longer life than previous VM series
  • Replaces the Professional O-Ring V Series and the Premium X-Ring VM Series
  • This is a universal product and fits all bikes. 
  • Note: Connecting links are not interchangeable between the new VX and the former V and VM.