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Coober ECU Husqvarna 701 Endruo/SM 2017-2019

COOBER is able to program their ECU to increase performance and still be 100% confident that it will not cause any engine damage. The performance optimization is achieved by modification of the ignition, injection and sensors signals if needed. This allows you to control the full rpm range of the engine precisely.

Great care is taken to ensure that performance increases are within the power reserve of the engine. COOBER GmbH is the only company on the market owning a Oil Analysis system to make to keep within the limits. You can enjoy the improved performance of your bike without effecting its longevity and long term reliability.

It is 5 times more accurate than the original component. It calculates the right quantity of fuel and ignition time every 100 rpm, while the factory ECU does this only every 500 rpm. In order to get absolutely pure and equal signal to injectors, the difference in cable length between the left and the right injector is considered in the calculation. It has a few maps stored. Using the data from the sensors, it chooses the optimal map for your current riding style. The transition from one map to another is seamless and unnoticeable. If you are in the mood for cruising, you automatically get the suitable map. However, if you suddenly open the throttle, the computer immediately switches to performance map. This happens in the blink of an eye. This feature is unique and unparalleled in the industry. This power/torque gain doesn't influence the engine durability nor does it worsen thermic behavior. On the contrary, the engine runs smoother with a strong and stable idle without stalling. How can that be? Simple -  the development was made on a state of the art dyno where a drop of engine oil is taken every 200 rpm. The oil is analysed immediately and the results tell exactly which components of the engine are under stress at that rpm. It is also known if any additional stress is caused by changing the muffler.

If you change your header or remove the catalytic converter this ECU is not a magic solution. You must get your bike re-tuned/mapped. The Coober ECU is built to bring the most out of the stock engine mapping.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Horsepower gains throughout the RPM Range
  • Power continues in the higher RPMs after stock mapping falls off
  • Plug-and-Play, No additional parts needed
  • Optimized and Locked, No software or tuning needed
  • 100% Safe for your engine
  • Does not interfere with any safety or emissions systems


    • Husqvarna 701 Enduro/SM 2017-2019



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