BrakeTech Rear Ductile Iron Race Rotor KTM RC8/RC8R 2008-2015

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You may not think your rear brakes are that important. You are wrong. They help with setting up for corners and they help keep the bike stable while going over uneven pavement. Ask any professional racer and they will tell you they use the rear brakes and will continue to do so because they are important to faster lap times. BrakeTech's Axis technology is revolutionary. Why? Well the center carrier is normally attached to the outer ring via buttons. These buttons take all of the punishment from braking and were never originally intended for that job. Those were put into place because of expansion and contraction due to heat in order to keep your rotors from warping. BrakeTech thought about this and solved the problem of those buttons by designing their inner carrier so that it buts up against the outer ring and takes the punishment of forces off the buttons so they don't wear out to fast. Now add a Ductile Iron Outer Ring for the utmost in feel and braking performance and you have a rotor that will literally beat up the competition. If you don't believe us you may want to ask yourself. Who makes those fancy Carbon Fiber Rotors that you see gracing the front of professional race bikes and MotoGP Bikes.

  • KTM RC8/RC8R 2008-2015