Boyesen Powerwing KTM 250/450/505 SX-F/XC-F 2006-2016

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If you want even better performance from your FCR Carburetor then you need to pick up a couple things from our catalog. This would include the Boyesen Powerwing. If you think about the violence that goes on in your Carburetor you could wright a horror movie about it. deadly fuel mixtures, deadly gases and really violent winds. What the Powerwing does for you is it stabilizes the air coming into your Carb and that efficiency eliminates one more thing that your carburetor wasn't really set up to do, and that is for a fraction of a second 2 things have to come together in the right mixture in order for your bike to run right. Gas and Air. With the Powerwing you get more stabilized air flow and thus more efficient spray and combustion.



INCREASES horsepower and torque in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines

AERODYNAMIC design maximizes velocity generation and power gain

WING CHANNEL minimizes disturbance at needle jet without affecting jetting curve

PRECISION fit doesn't reduce size of carburetor bore so there is no loss of power

  • KTM 250 SX-F/XC-F 2006-2008
  • KTM 450/505 SX-F/XC-F 2007-2009