Bazzaz USB Stand Alone Quick Shift Kit KTM RC8R 2009-2015

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Imagine a little black box that takes you from top 10 to the top 5 simply by taking one less step out of the equation. That's what Bazzaz's Stand Alone Quick Shift Kit does for your KTM RC8R and that's what you'll be doing to the competition. This little gem does a bunch of math for you in split seconds which is pretty technical stuff which we'll save for a later chat over beers. Basically what this does is it has a sensor that in split seconds senses when it's time to shift cutting the ignition for milliseconds allowing seemless shifts up or down taking one less thing you have to think about out of the equation. This allows you to shift gears while thinking about your competition and not clutching the bike. This is Bazzaz's stand alone system which means it doesn't need their Fuel Module and can be installed on your KTM RC8R alone. It comes with everything you need to get the advantage out on the track.

  • KTM RC8R 2009-2015