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Breaking news! 2018 Ambassador Program Announced:

Are you the ultimate KTM rider?
A pillar in your local riding scene and online? 
Dream of having a pro-deal on KTM gear?

See if you've got what it takes to become a 2018 Twins Ambassador!

KTM Twins, The leader in all things KTM, is accepting applications for its 2018 Ambassador Program. KTM Twins prides itself on supporting the wide world of motorcycle riding, and the KTM brand. If you think you have what it takes to be a regional KTM Twins Ambassador, fill out the application below to be considered. Applicants will be contacted by November 1st for the 2018 program. 

PERKS & PRO DEAL: Our Ambassadors are the best of the best. They're the most passionate, outgoing, connected riders in their area, and they love being champions of the sport. In exchange for helping us spread the KTM Twins love, and being a leader in their community, here's what they get in return:

  • 15-25% off all purchases on KTM Twins!
  • Custom, Ambassador Only KTM Twins Gear
  • Personal invites to Twins Team events
  • Direct access to the leadership of KTM Twins 


  • Canvas their community / region. We are looking at ways to profile the KTMTwins brand and our Ambassadors involvement regionally. This includes local events, Facebook, KTM Twins FB Pages in their region, local Adventure / Street riding organizations, etc. We provide our Ambassadors with monthly flyers, giveaways from KTM Twins, and discount codes for riders in their area.
  • Ambassadors use online promotional tools (facebook/instagram) to build and brand a regional fan base. Their fan base appreciates the direct marketing, KTM news, new products, and monthly discounts our Ambassadors have for them!
  • We hold quarterly conference calls with all of our regional Ambassadors to share Best Practices, and what's going on generally in their world.
  • Go for the Gold…..The really big Prize. This position allows Ambassadors to live the dream. By sharing and building the KTM Twins family Ambassadors will be looking at a year end Dream Adventure Ride, access to amazing Pro-Deal discounts, and all for simply being out there in their community sharing the KTM Twins love! It's a win win.


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