KTM 690/1190/1290 Offroad Bad Fuel Dongle 60312953000

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KTM's 2014 690 Enduro / 1190 Bad Fuel Dongle or what ever you want to call it, is more than a little black box with a funky name. It's freedom to manipulate a couple of the controlling functions that have plagued KTM owners over the years. Freedom at last! So you know how the 990 Adventure had this thing where you had to manually turn off your ABS every time you turned the bike one? Not anymore. On top of that there's now the ability to manually turn off the Traction Control or better yet manipulate the traction control and tell it to come on with certain Power Settings. Want the traction control on with the off road setting but don't want the ABS to come into play, you can have it. You want to manually turn off both and never have to go to that switch on the bike to turn it off like you've done for years, you've got it. The issue now is having to train your arm not to go for the computer when you go to jump on the bike. It could be worse. You could be riding a Puch moped.

*NOTE: FITS 2014 690 ENDURO & 1190 ADV / ADV R WITH ABS*

Oh yeah one more thing. We have to chime in with some legal stuff so here you go.