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Rottweiler Performance Intake System KTM 1050-1290 ADV/Super ADV All Years

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The long awaited fix for the failing stock KTM airbox is here! The Rottweiler Intake System has proven itself thousands of times over to be the #1 intake system for all KTM big twins by making (by far) the most horsepower, allowing the fastest and easiest filter services, keeping the cleanest intake charge and being the lightest weight kit available. Now we have brought this successful intake system to the new 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Duke with the results KTM owners have become used to. Perfection. Don't let the stock airbox blues get you down, the Rottweiler Intake System for the 1190 and 1290s is here and makes it's usual big gains as an added bonus.

What are the forums saying?

  • "Best power gains for the dollar"
  • "No more worrying about the stock airbox failing to seal out dirt. It's spotless inside the Rottweiler."
  • "Much smoother roll on bottom end (Stage 3)"
  • "Significant reduction in under-seat heat issues"
  • "3+ more miles to the gallon"
  • "Doesn't trap water inside like the stock airbox configuration"
  • "Easy to install"

Stage 1 Kit: (See other stage kits for more savings when grouped)
1 Rottweiler Rally Series Filter Element
1 base plate adapter
1 60 cell pre-filter
Oiling Instructions + Guide to online instructions
2 / 5 mil Rottweiler Performance stickers

Stage 2 Kit: (Save $9.95)
Full Stage 1 Intake Kit
+ TVS-80-54 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (x1 - Rear)

Stage 3 Kit: (Save $29.90)
Full Stage 1 Intake Kit
+ TVS-80-54 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (x1)
+ Rottweiler Fueling Dongles (Pair. See below.)

Stage 4 Kit: (Save $79.85)
Full Stage 1 Intake Kit
+ TVS-80-54 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (x1)
+ 18-017 Powercommander V (Comes with Fueling Dongles)

Stage 5 Kit: (Save $111.80)
Full Stage 1 Intake Kit
+ TVS-80-54 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (x1)
+ 18-017 Powercommander V
+ AT-300 Dual Channel Auto Tune


  • KTM 1050 Adventure 
  • KTM 1090 Adventure
  • KTM 1190 Adventure 
  • KTM 1190 Adventure R 
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure 



This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California known to cause Cancer or birth defects and reproductive harm. For more information go to: https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65

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    Jeff S.
    Rottweiler Intake 1190 Adventure

    Awesome thanks guys. Great price, fantastic communication. Super fast shipping, only five days from your place to my house in New Zealand. Well done!

    vanish P.L.
    Oregon, USA
    intake system 950 ADV

    Installation was fairly easy even for a person with limited mechanical skills. I like the fit, and nearly everything about this upgrade,,with the exception of the performance side of things. Bike always ran smoothly, but now coughs and spits at just over 3000 rpm. Throttle roll on is jerky, at best and near the top of the rev range it just falls flat on its face,,gag and puke! I will likely return to the stock airbox and all stock parts since this setup angers me every time I ride the bike. If you like a smooth running moto, this system may NOT be to your liking.

    Paul H.
    Save your engine!

    For those of us who have the 2013 through 2016 1190s, this is an absolute necessity. It's fairly involved to replace the standard air box but well worth it in the end. Of course while you're at it you should also consider removing the secondary air system and adding the Rottweiler fueling dongle's and removing the evaporative canister too. The result will be a much cleaner engine intake and the peace of mind knowing that you can now ride through dust and not Ruin the top end of your motor.

    Peter S.
    Quality Performance Upgrade

    I'm not a mechanic , but I like to work on my bike when I can . Us 1290 SA owners know what a pain it is to work on this bike-- You have to take the gas tank off to do air filter clean. I examined my OEM box and was a bit concerned with dust found past the filter - Read the reviews and was very impressed with Rotwieller . They have great instructional Vids on how to install . Great Vid from Cafe Racer PodCast guy takes you through it also. Fits great . Quality construction . I purchased both billet Velocity Stacks (impressive machining) ,removed O2 sensors, installed Fuel dongles , plugged my headers . Bike runs smoother at low end , growls in a satisfying way via the new intake. Love it. What's also great is you get to eliminate the Air intake snorkels . This added enough space (a luxury commodity on any KTM chassis) to mount a Denali Split Horn Sound Bomb compressor !

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