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Dunlop MX11 Premiere Sand Mud Front Tire 80/100-21


If you’re on the east coast and you tend to get dirt with your KTM then you may want to try Dunlop's Premiere Sand / Mud Tire the MX11. Unlike other manufacturers Mud / Sand Tires that have come and gone the MX11 Shows signs of lasting.

**Only available in 80/100-21**

The Geomax MX11 further extends Dunlop’s range of motocross tires. Both front and rear tires boast innovative features that help deliver optimum traction in a variety of sand and mud conditions while providing enhanced stability even under challenging track conditions.

Specifically designed for sand and mud use.

Narrow-profile block faces help chisel through and penetrate the sand surface for increased traction and great feel for smoother handling.

Geomax “stabilizer” cross-shaped tread block design helps provide enhanced straight-line traction at speed and during braking, while also assisting lateral stability and braking in corners. This unique design also provides block stiffness for strength and enhanced tire longevity.


Crescent-shaped curve in the tread blocks creates a turbine effect to help provide enhanced straight-line traction, braking stability and self-cleaning properties.

Recessed flex joints between the tread blocks give the tire improved compliance for enhanced traction and ride comfort as well as lighter weight.

Circumferential channels in the tread help enhance stability.

Tips for Deciding which tire to choose.

If the conditions vary from hard-packed to loose loam, you’ll likely will want an intermediate terrain tire that is designed for the utmost performance and racing. These are typically tire manufacturers Premiere tires. They won't last long when ridden in conditions they weren't designed for but they will give you unbelievable tracking. If the conditions are mixed with Hard Pack and Loom then you may want to look at mix matching tires. Hard Pack front for the best handling in the worst conditions and a Intermediate for the rear so it hooks up when it gets moist.

If the ground has a cushion to it, rutted with soft berms, you probably need a soft terrain tire that will penetrate through the loose soil.

If the conditions are strictly soft deep sand or mud, you might consider a specialty tire like a sand tire.

Don’t be afraid to mix off-road tire patterns front and rear to feel more comfortable.


  • This is a universal product and fits all 250cc/450cc 4-strokes and 250cc-and-up 2-strokes.



This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California known to cause Cancer or birth defects and reproductive harm. For more information go to: https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65

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