FMF KTM Natural Titanium Factory 4.1 RCT Full Exhaust System

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The sleeper of the Factory 4.1 Exhaust Systems from our friends at the Flying Motorcycle Factory gives you all the performance just without the hype. When everyone is sitting around looking at all the bikes you can be that guy out there passing everyone. The Factory 4.1 RCT incorporates the latest in FMF Resonance Chamber Technology both internally and externally. It starts at the center with a new core - a patent pending shape enhances and refines the exhaust pressure wave for optimal power output while lowering the sound level. In addition, they achieve a shorter overall length that is less susceptible to crash damage and complementary to our Factory Forward Engineering - moving the muffler closer to the motor to centralize mass. Visible changes to the exterior include a redesigned canister to increase internal capacity for the maximum volume of packing material. The packing itself was not overlooked – a proprietary blend formulated for superior durability and sound attenuation.

The final component is a new rear endcap engineered for simple tuning adjustments incorporating a snap ring feature to secure the standard and optional inserts. The Factory 4.1 RCT construction is of the finest aerospace grade materials that meet their exacting specifications and is manufactured 100% at our Southern California factory.


- Massive Power gains throughout the RPM range.

- Quieter than stock - Huge weight savings

- New RTS (Rapid Tuning System) makes for easy sound insert changes as well as adding US Forestry Approved Spark Arrestor.

- FMF uses the highest quality proprietary blend of alloy titanium made especially to our standards.

- #1 Exhaust in 2011 Supercross Series, 2011 Motocross Series, 2011 Motocross of Nations and 2011 Monster Energy Cup!