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Austin Racing GP3 Titanium Full Exhaust System KTM 1290 Super Duke 2013 - 2016

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GP3 Low Level Full Exhaust System provides 1290 Super Duke owners with a true in house custom built exhaust designed and manufactured around one bike, the KTM 1290 Super Duke. It's unique low level design enhances the aesthetics of the Duke while giving it the necessary performance that the bike deserves. This is Austin Racing's GP3 Full Exhaust System meant for the KTM 1290 is once stellar performing system and once you've gotten past the sexy looks, you'll discover the rich history Austin Racing developed while working in the top of all motorsports, F1 Racing. With a pedigree like that you can rest assured their systems are well worth your consideration. The GP3 Full System gives you choices of 3 differently designed silencers, the Titanium V3, GP2 and shorter GP2R. All systems come with a DB Killer.

Silencer Choices:

  • V3 in Titanium: Titanium Construction in a unique reverse cone style design
  • GP2: 200mm length design offered in both Carbon Fiber and Titanium
  • GP2R: 110mm length design offered in both Carbon Fiber and Titanium

All Austin Racing Slip-On Systems can be updated to a full system with the purchase of their Titanium Headers.



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2) Use and installation of any aftermarket exhaust system that removes or replaces totally or in part original equipment catalytic converters is prohibited in California, unless CARB has released an Executive Order or an exemption to such after market system.

3) Any exhaust system designed as race parts or used on racing vehicles (i.e., a motorbike used exclusively on closed-course circuits for competition purposes) can be distributed and sold in California without any need for an Executive order or exemption from CARB, but their use is only allowed on closed racetracks and these race parts are not allowed to be used on public highways or roads or on vehicles that may be used on public highway and roads.

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  • KTM 1290 Super Duke 2013 - 2016