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Arrow Race-Tech Slip-On KTM 1290 Super Duke R 2014-2016

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ARROW Exhausts not only has extensive history with level 1 racing and their KTM 1290 Super Duke Race-Tech system is a prime example of that heritage and quality one craftsmanship. Their Race-Tech System utilizes a time proven silencer design with a twist. Their Carbon End Cap shape is unmatched in the industry. Regardless of whether you choose their Titanium or Aluminum Silencer Sleeve you're assured the real meat of the silencer, the stainless steel baffle provides just enough back pressure to make your 1290's engine happy without chocking it up like the stock silencer does. Not only does this system derestrict the exhaust gases it also shaves a ton of weight.

1290 Super Duke owners will be happy to hear about ARROW's Racing Mid Pipe. By eliminating the Catalytic Converter you free up additional scavenging above and beyond what their Silencer does and contributes in dropping additional weight from your bike. This is a huge advantage and one that stock exhaust owners may be interested in because they've designed it to be compatible with the stock silencer/header combination. If you're looking to remove the Catalytic Converter from your stock system then you'll be interested in their Race Mid-Pipe.


  • Horsepower and torque gain
  • Significant weight savings
  • Removable sound insert

For our EU customers who require a system with a Mid-Pipe that's been approved and is EU Compliant, ARROW has that covered as well. Simply purchase your Slip-On System with their EU Compliant Mid-Pipe and you'll rest better knowing Johnny Law isn't going to come knocking.

* NOTE: ARROW Slip-On does not require the purchase of a replacement MId-Pipe. Both Race-Tech and X-Kone Systems will mount up to the stock headers and Mid-pipe/Catalytic Converter. *


California ARB (CARB) requirements compliance for Exhaust Systems Sold at

Certain versions of aftermarket exhaust systems may not fulfill regulations and laws applicable in California and therefore their use on highways and roads in California may be prohibited. To have a better idea, read the following paragraphs.

1) Any exhaust system which does not require the removal of the original catalytic converter(s) to be fitted to the vehicle are considered as replacement parts (also known as cat-back systems) by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and an Executive Order or exemption released from CARB is not needed to distribute and sell these kind of exhaust systems in California.

2) Use and installation of any aftermarket exhaust system that removes or replaces totally or in part original equipment catalytic converters is prohibited in California, unless CARB has released an Executive Order or an exemption to such after market system.

3) Any exhaust system designed as race parts or used on racing vehicles (i.e., a motorbike used exclusively on closed-course circuits for competition purposes) can be distributed and sold in California without any need for an Executive order or exemption from CARB, but their use is only allowed on closed racetracks and these race parts are not allowed to be used on public highways or roads or on vehicles that may be used on public highway and roads.

Parts identified on as racing and/or marked with the text not for road use are to be intended as race parts and subject to the limitations listed in paragraph 3).


  • KTM 1290 Super Duke R 2014-2016