Moto-Master KTM Supermoto Front Caliper Kit

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Moto-Master's Front Supermoto Race Caliper isn't anything new around here. We've been seen installing these Caliper Kits as far back as 2001 640's. Moto-Master makes a very unique Caliper Kit in that it's not really a radial mount in the traditional sense and it's not a standard mount caliper much like the unit that came stock on your bike, it's right in between. The mounting bolts aren't arranged like a Radial Caliper, they mount horizontally from the side, yet the adapter bracket places the caliper lower and inline with the front axle. This places the stress right where a radial caliper best handles the work load which makes for better braking performance all while doing it without the expensive replacement of fork legs. It gives you a huge gain in your braking performance, stays much cooler than your small OEM Caliper and allows you to run a 320 mm Front Brake Rotor, which if you've been paying attention is really the only way to go when converting your bike to a Supermoto.

*Acceptable for use with your stock Master Cylinder but we highly recommend either Brembo's 16 mm or 15 mm RCS Master Cylinder Kits for best performance*


- Front Brake Caliper

- Front Caliper Offset Bracket

- Necessary Mounting Hardware

- Racing Brake Pads "Soft"