ADV, Dual Sport, KTM, KTM 1090 -

So we ham-fisted it, called on non-existent talent reserves and came up short! My progress abruptly halted as I high centered on a rock then watched my buddy (a very talented rider) unceremoniously dump his bike twenty feet farther up. So now we were both stopped on an extremely steep hill with no energy and no other option than to struggle on.

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ADV, Adventure Motorcycle, Dual Sport, KTM -

I hadn’t planned to find myself flying through the air, passing over cactus shrubs as my body careened towards the 300ft drop down into what would surely have been a helicopter ride home just yards off of one of the hardest sections of the Baja 1000 (mile 720). But then again, this was Baja, and the desert always seems to have her own plans in store.

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